Do I need a specific wrench to install the RJ Lock?

Answer: Yes. You will need to use a 1 1/2 inch OPEN ended wrench (like the RJ Lock wrench we provide). A closed ended wrench will not fit over the fitting for tightening. Avoid using wrenches that have teeth, like a pipe wrench, as they will cause marring and scratching of the RJ Lock fitting (nut replacement)surface.

What is the RJ Lock housing part (outside piece) made of? Will it rust or wear?

Answer: The RJ Lock housing is made from extra strong billet aluminum. It can dent if dropped or struck with another object with enough force. Aluminum will never rust, so this is ultimate protection against rust and corrosion. The polished RJ Lock is simply mirror polished aluminum and the black RJ Lock is anodized; which is the best application for its use.

How much should I tighten the fitting piece before sliding on the housing and locking?

Answer: Tighten fitting to 250 ft-lbs torque. After proper tightening of the fitting, the lock washer will be perfectly flat. See instruction manual for more detail.

Will The RJ Lock fit on ANY ball mount?

Answer: Not exactly. As indicated in the instruction manual and on our website, we currently make the RJ Lock to fit a standard 1 inch ball mount shank (the shank is the stem diameter directly under the ball on a ball mount). There are also 3/4 inch and 1 1/4 inch ball mount shanks, however, we do not currently have an RJ Lock to fit those sizes. In the near future we plan to make the RJ Lock to fit the larger 1 1/4 in. shanks.

Is the push lock going to last if it gets dirty or wet?

Answer: Yes. The push lock is specifically designed for outdoor applications. It is a superior lock to most available on market today. It is custom made from brass and stainless steel to prevent rusting and corrosion in salt and fresh water environments. We have tested the lock thoroughly. Even filled the lock hole with sand and mud, and with a quick rinse, the lock works like a charm.

What if I lose my keys, can they be replaced?

Answer: No. Always keep your keys in a safe place so you do not lose them. Just like a regular nut on a ball mount, the RJ Lock will stay in place once in locked position. There is no reason to remove the lock when not in use. So, once installed, it is likely you will NOT need to take the RJ Lock off again unless you need to remove the ball from your ball mount. We cannot remake a set of keys for your RJ Lock!

Is the RJ Lock durable?

Answer: Yes! All components of the RJ Lock are built to last against corrosion. The RJ Lock passed the sludge hammer test, which means after several wacks with a sludge hammer, the strong billet aluminum housing kept its shape and the functionality of the housing sliding over the fitting was not compromised.

What does "RJ" stand for?

Answer: "RJ" stands for "Robert James", as in Robert James Innovations. The inventor and maker of the RJ Lock, Craig Hicks, wanted to keep the family name. So we simply took the Grandfather's first names from each side of the family. Quality family members = Quality lock.

Why does the RJ Lock have the shape and design that it does?

Answer: The RJ Lock was designed to fit on any of the major ball mount manufacturers on the market. Ball mount manufacturers have different designs and features, so the RJ Lock had to be created with that in mind so it would universally fit them all.

How do I track my order? Who handles shipping?

Answer: We chose to have Amazon handle the fulfillment of our orders, whether you purchase on Amazon or on our site. They are the professionals of shipping so why reinvent the wheel? And their amazing contract with UPS allows for excellent fulfillment terms which actually save us money and allows to ship to you for free! If you purchase an RJ Lock directly from Amazon, they handle all the customer care and tracking. If you ordered through us directly, the product is still fulfilled by Amazon, but you'll need to contact us for customer service. We'll be glad to assist you!

Does the RJ Lock require any maintenance?

Answer: We recommend an occasional wash, perhaps when you wash your vehicle, this way your lock remains looking new! A occasional polish job with a microfiber towel is recommended, especially on the polished aluminum color option, this way you'll keep the mirror-looking shine! It is recommended that you rub a small amount of marine grease on the black O-ring on the fitting. The grease will help lube the small tolerance between the housing and fitting.

What is the fitting made of?

Answer: The RJ Lock "fitting" part is made of a strong grade 5 steel. Stronger than the typical nut provided when you buy a ball mount. The fitting is specially plated to have a strong resistance to rust and corrosion, does not crack like Chrome and perfectly coats 100% of the surface area of the fitting, including all of the threading. The special plating has a specific thickness to last against rust and corrosion in salt and fresh water environments.

Is the RJ Lock easy to install?

Answer: Yes! Simple as 1, 2, 3! Click here to follow easy instructions!